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I was super lucky to the extent that I still can't believe it happened, and hit one of the two first day screenings of [Vancouver no Asahi] with the stage greeting. I could only apply once with my name cuz I simply don't have that many friends in this country to ask them to use their money to apply for me XD

Anyway I miraciously hit with that one & only application, got 2 tickets, invited my constant partner in crime ♥ and we attented on 12/20 14:00~

Below are the tidbits. Please forgive any mistakes. And of course I'm only mentioning the parts that Kame was involved in.
Place: TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki screen 2 (666 seats)
Time: Dec 20th, 14:00~ 14:30(ish)
Cast attending: Tsumabuki Satoshi, Kamenashi Kazuya, Ishii Yuya Director, Kamiji Yusuke and others...

♪ The host (don't remember his name) appeared first on stage, talked a bit about the movie not being a simple sports movie about baseball, but about a true touching historical story. Then he invitied the cast in after calling their names one by one. Starting with Tsumabuki then Kame, followed by the rest.
During the opening words from the cast, Kamiji-san said that Tsumabuki's parents were attending the first stage greeting, while on the current one, Kame's parents, and one of his relatives were attending. And there Kame told him while laughing "You don't have to mention that!". Then Kamiji says "Also his grandfather is attending" & Kame answered "No he isn't!". Then Kameji finished with "So please focus on Kame today".   ( <-- yes he said "Kame" XD )

After the opening words, the host said that there weren't any press this time so they can feel free to talk about anything. And he asked them to talk about their TV appearances promoting the movie, instead of talking about the movie itself.
He asked if any of them like those kind of promoting TV appearances, and they all answered they didn't except for Kamji-san.

When host turned to Kame asking if he appeared on VS arashi, he asked him how it was being surrounded by other "J"s  (<--- host referring to Johnny's as "J"), Kame commented on that lightly saying that being a "J" competing with other "J"'s senpai-s was strange as it's something that rarely happens.

Then Tsumabuki mentioned how Kame perfectly hit all his kicks on the rehearsal of the final game, while he -Tsumabuki- didn't hit on rehearsal but he hit the final kick on the show. Then Kame mentioned that he didn't even hit once during recording the show. And he followed that saying that he passed the last kick to the captain (referring to Tsumabuki), and Tsumabuki said "Thanks". Then the host asked Kame "Do you have performance anxiety?" and Kame answers "No, I don't think so. I do believe I don't".

After hearing the cast's comments about TV promotions, the host turns to Kamiji again, asking him to give some tips to the actors about how to perform on variety shows, and Kamiji said "Guts" and said that now he wants Kame to say some words to his parents (or he said that Kame wants to say something to his parents? this part of my memory is vague...)
/ Kame looking cutely embarrassed / audience cheering him on saying "ganbare"!

Kame's words to his parents: "Thank you for coming today and for your continued support. I was given this opportunity to take part of a great movie, and I'd be glad if you held some pride of your son. And please continue to give me your support."  ( <--- there might be some parts lost in translation... sorry...)

They ended the event by throwing white rubber balls with the imprinting "Asahi" in red, to the audience, and few lucky people caught them. The host told Kame to aim for his parents, then after they throw, Kame said that his mother caught one ^^
(cast leaving & waving to the audience, host ending the event, movie starts~)

I hope this helped giving some sort of an image of the event! Thank for reading :)
Hello everyone :) I haven't been here for so long that I kinda forgot how to use lj :D

I'm here now to record & report my first experience with a Movie Premiere Stage Greeting. I went to see ore ore yesterday & was lucky enough to have a nice fellow JP hyphen give me a ticket to one of the premiere showings :) I attended the May 25th 13:20 one in TOHO Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture.

Those who've been there or read reports elsewhere, please feel free to correct me if you find any wrong info :)


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Please make sure to check it out this Master Post before reading for information about the show~

This week he interviewed Miyata and Senga from Kis-My-Ft2.
Check out some Kame x Miyata episodes :D Kame is always picking on him! Poor guy XD

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09 September 2012 @ 01:10 am
Hello~ :)

Since I've been posting HANG OUT summaries for the past month, I've also decided to let you all know when there might be a delay~
Last week was mostly an interview with Kis-My-Ft2's Senga and Miyata, and this week was with Yaotome Hikaru of Hey Say Jump.
I'm planning on translating both interviews, but I might only be able to conclude them some time during the week after next, so I hope the delay won't bother you :)

Have a nice weekend/week ^^


I couldn't find any KamexTama pics for a proper entry header, so I thought a KazukoxTama-chan might work :D
They talked a lot about DBS and Tama's role on it, some private-life talk, about their similar sense of fashion and much more~

Please make sure to check it out this Master Post before reading for information about the show~

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19 August 2012 @ 02:33 am

Happy Eid to all Muslims around my LJ ^^ Hope you enjoy your holidays~

It was quite an interesting episode today, so the report turned out to be kinda long :D Hope you won't get bored~
I've created this Master Post including information about the show, links to each report, and notes regarding them. Please make sure to check it out before reading :)

HANG OUT #47 2012.08.18 Highlights~

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19 August 2012 @ 02:32 am

I've created this Master Post including information about the show, links to each report, and notes regarding them :)

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11 August 2012 @ 10:06 am

Today's highlights~ Visit this post for more info about the show's new corners :)


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07 August 2012 @ 03:25 am

Hello F-list :) Long time no see~
Again & again I'll TRY my best to post these Highlights weekly and I do hope I can keep this on for long :D
I only mentioned parts I thought kinda interesting to translate, so this is not a full show translation :)

Since I don't know if everyone has been following the show or any other English reports about it, I'll first sum up the corners HangOut has right now.
Japanese explanation is from Nack5 HANG OUT webpage

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